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Rocío de la Mañana

Try Rocío de la Mañana

Rocío de la Mañana

Rocío de la Mañana is another micro-lot selection from our favorite award-winning coffee grower and again the result is most satisfying.

This natural coffee from Xico, Veracruz playfully dances between savory and sweet, reminding us of a carefully crafted and creatively seasoned fruit compote. In the cup, you’ll feel the different taste buds activated with varying, yet most pleasing sensations.



Black Currant


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About This Coffee

Our Rocío de la Mañana - Spanish for "morning dew" - micro-lot offering delivers a unique complexity, capturing both the sweet and savory notes of summer.

A natural-processed Tipica varietal from Xico, Veracruz, the seeds for this offering were dried inside the fully intact coffee cherry and crafted with care by Mauricio at Agua Bendita farm.

Savor notes of black currant preserve garnished with hazelnut, cacao nibs, and a sprinkle of rosemary.


Region: Veracruz
Processing: Natural
Variety: Tipica
Elevation: 1300 m

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