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Miel De Verano 2021

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Miel De Verano

The sweet, sunny days of summer are upon us and we are excited to present our new offering: Miel de Verano

Miel de Verano, meaning "summer honey," is a honey-processed Caturra varietal produced at Finca La Laja in the Tlaltetela region of Huatusco, Veracruz.

Graham Cracker


Lemon Zest


$12  + Shipping

About This Coffee

Unlike washed coffees where the entire fruit of the coffee cherry is removed from the seed before drying, a honey-processed coffee dries under the sun with a small part of the pulp of the coffee cherry still attached to the coffee seed. The skin of the cherry fruit is removed, but part of the flesh still remains stuck to the coffee seed.

This differs from a natural-processed coffee as the natural drying process allows the coffee seed to dry inside a completely intact coffee cherry.

This summer's offering brings us a crisp, bright coffee with pleasantly light acidity. Enjoy notes of honey graham cracker interlaced with apricot and lemon zest.


Region: Veracruz
Processing: Honey
Variety: Caturra
Elevation: 1130-1250 m

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