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La Querida

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La Querida

Our "La Querida" micro-lot selection possesses a bit of magic - magic cultivated from extra nurturing during harvest by an award-winning coffee grower.

A fermented, natural coffee from Coatepec, Veracruz, "La Querida" boasts a strong, warm aroma of juicy fruits that burst forth from the fresh grounds. In the cup, your mouth becomes awash in an exhilarating combination of flavors including sugar plum, molasses and white peach.


Sugar Plum

White Peach


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About This Coffee

A coffee cultivated for excellence. Our “La Querida” bean was the 2020 favorite from our award-winning coffee grower in Veracruz and was chosen to participate in the 2020 Cup of Excellence in Mexico. Unfortunately, the pandemic that rocked the globe this year canceled the event. That means now you get to be the judge of this exclusive offering that was not originally destined for retail sale.

“La Querida” is an absolute must for those who are seasoned specialty coffee connoisseurs, with the first sip exploding with vibrant fruit notes characteristic of the more limited natural coffees. For third wave newbies, this bean represents a rare and exciting chance to delve head first into discovering the singular delights of boutique offerings. Either way, this is truly a gem of a coffee and is not to be missed!


Region: Veracruz
Processing: Carbonic Natural
Variety: Garnica
Elevation: 1200 m

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