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The Home Collection

Try Home Collection

The Home Collection

Great things are meant to be shared... We invite you to sample all three of our current offerings, allowing you to explore each of their aromas and flavors and share the experience with family and friends.


  • 1 x 9oz Mijo
  • 1 x 9oz La Querida
  • 2 x 9oz Café de Olla

$65  + Shipping


In reverent homage to the season and to the times, we carefully selected two single-origin, Mexican beans for our inaugural roast in the USA.

The aromas and tasting notes found in these two selections reflect both the comforting familiarity and the hearty embrace we felt when coming home.

All the while, our house recipe for "Café de Olla" - a traditional Mexican-spiced brew - is the perfect remedy for the sweet nostalgia felt when recalling where it all began along the tropical shores of the Mexican Caribbean.

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