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Doce Uvas

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Doce Uvas

The subtleties of our Doce Uvas offering commemorate the traditions Mexico celebrates at Christmas and New Year's: Twelve grapes for twelve wishes. On New Year's Eve, custom dictates eating twelve grapes just as the bells toll. Each grape represents a different wish for the coming year and participating in the ritual is meant to bring you good luck for the New Year. While the custom originated in Spain, it is widely celebrated in modern-day Mexico.

With tasting notes of black grape, white grape, and a hint of clove, we felt this washed, varietal blend from smallholder coffee farmers in Patlanalan, Veracruz is perfectly reminiscent of this popular Mexican winter holiday rite.

Black Grape

White Grape



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About This Coffee

Doce Uvas is a most gratifying result from a special initiative that holds the sustainability and elevation of the small scale coffee farmer as its core value. Developing a replicable system for a localized community, consistent taste profiles were achieved across various farms. Strict protocol enabled the qualified selection of the best lots from each individual farmer to be gathered, merged and transformed into this truly impressive offering.

A washed-processed varietal blend from Patlanan, Veracruz, the seeds for this offering were complied from a strictly controlled collaboration of small farm producers.

Savor notes of black grape, white grape, and a hint of clove.


Region: Patlanalan, Veracruz
Processing: Washed
Variety: Blend
Elevation: 1600 m

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