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Café de Olla

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Traditional Mexican Spiced Coffee

Inspired by the traditional Mexican recipe where the coffee was originally prepared in a clay pot over an open campfire, we infuse raw cacao, cinnamon, piloncillo and our "secret ingredient" with our fresh-roasted coffee. This spiced, slightly sweetened extraction gets best results when brewed with the French Press method.

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About This Coffee

Café de Olla dates back to the Mexican revolution when the "adelitas" (female soldiers) prepared coffee at the camps near the battlefield.

This spiced coffee beverage is traditionally served in a clay mug. Particularly popular around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, Café de Olla is a Mexican favorite for family gatherings.


Region: Veracruz
Processing: Washed
Variety: CR95 & Sarchimor
Elevation: 1200 m

Other ingredients: cinnamon, raw cacao, piloncillo, spices

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