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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is LIVE coffee?

At Brew Tulum, we use the term “LIVE coffee” to define two of our most important commitments:

a) source only 100% Arabica coffee beans held to strict quality standards that qualify as gourmet, specialty-grade and award-winning coffees

b) deliver our coffee “fresh-roasted,” allowing our clients to enjoy Brew Tulum coffee offerings when aromas and flavors are at their peak while still taking advantage of important health benefits from active antioxidants present in coffee only when it is fresh-roasted.

2. How long is coffee considered “fresh-roasted?”

Most professionals in the coffee industry define coffee as being “fresh-roasted” up to a maximum of 30 days after the coffee’s roast date. After 30 days, the aromas, flavors and health benefits present in coffee quickly begin to diminish.

At Brew Tulum, we recommend consuming coffee within at least two weeks of the roast date when the aromas, flavors and potency of natural antioxidants are at their peak.

3. Can we order ground coffee?

Brew Tulum delivers our coffee offerings in whole bean presentation to encourage brewing practices that offer optimal results for enjoying your fresh-roasted coffee. The generally accepted rule of thumb for properly consuming coffee is to brew coffee within 30 days maximum of the roast and within 30 minutes maximum of the grind.

As we want our coffee enthusiasts to truly enjoy the best cup, we recommend grinding coffee only as needed just before you brew. Grinding at home adds just a couple of minutes to your coffee brewing routine and produces a most memorable sensory experience!

The only exception Brew Tulum offers is with its Café de Olla, traditional Mexican-spiced coffee offering. As our Café de Olla is a special brew where our coffee is mixed with our house-recipe of premium spices, we must grind the coffee in order to create the spiced coffee blend.

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